About Us

Our Story

Established in 1988, Autofeed has built a solid reputation for providing machine integrators and end users with the best in parts handling equipment and service.

With our broad customer base in North America and overseas, we have gained a vast amount of experience in many industries. From small, delicate electrical components, glass lamps and fine plastic mouldings, to large springs, castings and stampings, our highly skilled and creative staff have helped customers gain that competitive edge.

For our overseas customers, we are able to build and test systems using our cycle generator to match their country’s voltage and cycle.

Our systems can be fully integrated with full automation cells and lines or be provided with track and end nests to assist an operator with assembly or packaging operations.

Our Strengths

We thrive on challanges pushing ourselves ever more forward to perfecting the art of Bowl Feeders. We continually try find ways to benifit our customers and industries in need of an automated solution be it Bowl Feeder, Linear Feeder or otherwise.

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